Whether you are moving a couple blocks to a new apartment or moving into a new home 20 miles away, you're in good hands. You can have us do the packing, loading, and unloading or simply have us load the truck and drive it to your new residence. Whatever you want done and are comfortable having us do, we'll do it.





Moving is an experience that few people really look forward too. That is where giving us a call comes in handy. United State Express Inc. makes packing up your home or moving your office simple and easy. With comprehensive moving services available and a moving crew that is incredibly professional and experienced, we'll handle the logistics, the packing, and the heavy lifting.




Relocating your business or office can be stressful as well as impact operations and productivity. We pair you with a moving consultant that will design an organized strategy to make the move as smooth as possible. From furniture and computers to employee cubicles, we'll get your office moved and up and running again in no time.

Mail Pick-up & Delivery
We provide mail pick-up/delivery service at a flat rate monthly fee, that include morning and evening USPS mail pick up/drop off

We have an efficient team whether you want to move one item or the whole office, our trucking service will get the job done for the best price. 


Our bikers/messengers are fast, reliable, and able to meet our customer's needs.
You can feel safe and secure with our storage system.


We offer 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week storage facility, climate controlled storage and is readily available. 

Time Service
U.S.E. offers time service messenger on site dedicated and ready for your company delivery needs at a low cost. Find out how our time service can help your business grow.